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She Cancelled Our Very Own Plans. Just How Do I Need To Check This Out Situation?

Reader matter:

An ex-girlfriend not too long ago invited myself over her spot for supper. That was the first occasion we’d been collectively in some months. The two of us had an enjoyable experience that evening. Over the past week or so, the woman texting has started to become much more flirty than typical. We made strategies for this weekend but she cancelled very early, stating she was not feeling really and asking for a rain review our big date.

How do I need to read this scenario?

-Drabs (Massachusetts)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Drabs,

I’m much less interested in what you might be reading into the woman than your objectives are.

Will you in this way girl? Exactly what brought about the breakup? Do you really would like to get back with each other?

Bear in mind, the number one predictor of somebody’s potential behavior is their previous conduct.

We’ll reveal this: she is flirting making use of concept of fixing the relationship, nonetheless it might not be pertaining to you. She might in between men and require some familiar organization.

We say this simply because the girl “ill telephone call” regarding the week-end ideas can be because she has a significantly better provide or she’s experiencing ambivalent.

The clear answer, as usual, will be take it right up. Ask what the woman intentions are and inform her clearly regarding your feelings.

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